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Saiga high capacity magazines, banana clips, drums

Factory standard and hicaps for 12 gauge and .410 gauge shotguns, as well as .223, .308, and 7.62x39mm rifles

The popularity of Saiga rifles and shotguns continues on through Russian American Armory (RAA). They took over importation after European American Armory (EAA) stopped importing the popular Saiga. We now have magazines (known in error as "clips") from not only RAA, but also aftermarket hicap magazines from Surefire and Promag. As a result, the standard capacity magazines are complemented by high capacity magazines. You can get Promag hi capacity stick and drum magazines for the Saiga 12 gauge (including the 12 and 20 round drum magazines), as well as Surefire (SGM Tactical, SGMT) hi cap mags for the Saiga .223, .308, .410 gauge, or 7.62x39mm. We also sell the standard clips, as made by Russian American Armoury.

Saiga hi cap 12 gauge 20 round drum magazine
Surefire .223 30 round magazine
Surefire .410 gauge 15 round magazine
tactical Promag Saiga 12 gauge drum magazine
Surefire SGMT Saiga .223 hi cap magazine
Surefire Saiga .410 high capacity magazine