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Looking for gun magazines and gun clips for your firearms? Hi cap mags? Great prices? We have an awesome selection, including extended hi cap magazines. Andean, Inc. carries many aftermarket and factory items for sale for popular firearms. We also sell related mag products from popular makers: magazine carriers (holders, pouches), magazine/clip loading tools, partial and full moon clips, speedloaders, speedloader carriers, cleaning supplies, snap caps for training, stripper clips and guides, shotgun magazine tube extensions, shotgun shell sidesaddles, and a whole lot more. Although we do have a few mags for discontinued gun models, our selection tends toward magazines and clips for CURRENT PRODUCTION guns. We have handgun, shotgun, and rifle magazines. Available, popular magazines include: 5/10/20/30/60 to 100 round, high capacity AR15/M4/M16 magazines, factory hicap magazines for Glock 9mm and .40, Saiga 12 gauge drum magazines, 10/22 Ruger banana clips, and SKS and AK47/74 type rifle replacement drums and mags.
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